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The Move to Enterprise

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6 min readOct 12, 2022

KnoGeo started as a solution for single city CRE offices. We focused our efforts on providing our technology directly to local groups, often only onboarding one team at a time.

However, this started to shift over the last year. We began to move up-market to provide 3D mapping and data visualization capabilities at the national and international level for our customers — which while incredibly exciting, necessitated a change in how we approach product development.

With our move to enterprise, we focused on 3 critical pillars:

  • Improving our cloud capabilities to enable distributed teams to upload and analyze larger datasets
  • Shifting our design focus to a cleaner, more sophisticated look and feel that enterprise customers are accustomed to
  • Adding numerous features to become a one-stop mapping tool for our customers. Our 3D mapping capabilities remain the reason users jump to KnoGeo, however, we needed to solve our customers mapping problems in general — both in 2D and 3D.

The best part? All these improvements directly translate to the local office level as well, allowing us to continue to serve offices of all sizes as we work to unlock the power of your market intelligence and help supercharge presentations, reports, client pitches, and storytelling.

Because in the end, that’s what hasn’t changed: our mission to provide the best data visualization technology on the market to asset managers, data providers, and brokerages covering all real estate classes.

Below, we’ll give a quick run through of what’s changed with this latest release.


First impressions matter. KnoGeo is browser-based and accessible any where, so we needed to ensure our login page would impress when a broker pulls it up impromptu in a meeting with a client. Compared to our old version (which was cool, but a bit too game-like) — we think you’ll like the new one better.

The old login screen
New and improved

The Lobby

Moving up market meant that we had users who covered more than just 1 city — in fact, often multiple countries. The old KnoGeo app was tethered to one market at a time, making multi-market analysis clunky and slow. The Lobby allows users to quick-start into a market, take a country wide view, and see all their saved and shared reports all in one view.

A broker in Boston can virtually fly to Dallas in a second. An analyst can showcase a comprehensive view of a clients portfolio across the country with a single button.

Redesigned Main Page

When we took a look at our main page, we realized we were wasting screen real estate. Over time, we added many requested features to KnoGeo (a good thing), however, we had just kind of…added them to the same screen (a bad thing).

KnoGeo’s old main page

We had a persistent top banner, and the left hand toolbar took up the entire page. The large text on the icons and buttons were a distraction, particularly when a user was pitching to a room full of clients. We reminded ourselves we are a mapping company….keep the focus on the map!

KnoGeo’s new main page

With our enterprise update we simplified the top banner, reorganized where the sections were to be more intuitive, simplified the most common use cases to have them readily available, and saved valuable screen space through adding a flexible left-hand navigation bar.

Light & Dark Mode

This one was an easy addition —dark mode has taken the app world by storm as people try to reduce strain on their eyes. It has the added benefit of allowing more flexibility to get the look and feel just right for that next presentation.

Light mode showing Mortgage Analysis in Seattle
Dark mode showing Mortgage Analysis in Seattle

Market to Market Analysis

3D is game changing when you are looking at a city, but it doesn’t help much when you are working with a client on a cross-country site selection or comparing 2 markets. Our new market-level analysis tool brings all the powerful data visualization, filtering, and heat mapping capabilities of KnoGeo into a birds eye view that allows users to analyze data across entire countries.

Custom Templates

Template Example

Going to enterprise also brought new kinds of users, so we improved our templating feature to allow more teams to jump on KnoGeo and use it for their use case. Templates let companies set-up workflows that save time and magnify the data that matters to a specific team— whether it’s office leasing, industrial brokerage, marketing, capital markets, or any other division.

Speed & Performance Enhancements

Every lease transaction in Manhattan South of Central Park

National offices track a lot of data. This meant we need to not only upload data on 100’s of thousands of buildings, tenants, leases, and floors…but also make our visualization and filtering work through that data in a fast way that still impresses clients.

To do this, we enhanced our patented process and got a point where entire market databases can be filtered through and displayed in less than half a second…and that’s any market, including Manhattan.

Market Data Analysis & Visualization

Now that we have users working across markets, we needed to add more capabilities for uploading and understanding market-level information.

This addition compliments all the existing tools that users currently utilize, such as building and floor visualization. At KnoGeo, our goal is to help professionals create interactive stories that put real estate data into context to help clients make the right decision faster, and this data feature is the next step in developing a holistic digital picture of the market.

Our market data feature works with a huge variety of potential datasets, but here’s a snapshots of the more popular ones:

  • Demographics [including income levels, population growth, education, etc.]
  • Opportunity zones
  • Neighbourhood boundaries and data
  • New developments
  • Restaurants, parks, and cultural POI’s
  • Transit and access
The vaunted subway lines of Manhattan and some available offices


And that’s it for the latest on KnoGeo’s product updates! Please feel free to reach out for a walkthrough or demo at sales@knogeo.com

P.S. Do you have any requests for features or improvements? Please leave a comment below :)

-The KnoGeo Team



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