What is a 3D Map?

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3 min readAug 31, 2021

A 3D Map is a digital representation of a physical world that allows users to interact with the map in three dimensions. 3D maps are also sometimes called 3D models or 3D renderings. We are going to talk about what they are, how they are made, the applications for the real estate industry, and what are some of their limitations.

3D maps can be used for many different purposes. For example, they can be used to explore a city online like you were there in real life. They can also be used as a better version of a 2D map by showing where properties are, what a city looks like, and calculating things like distances and showing where amenities are. Currently, 3D maps are valuable tools for visualizing upcoming real estate developments. You can often find 3D maps of large condo or office developments, but breakthroughs in the technology are making them available for any purpose related to real estate.

3D models are created primarily by 3D modelling and GIS software. There are many different kinds of tools that can produce 3D models, but they usually share the same basic features. Most 3D modelling software packages let you walk around an object in any direction without losing your bearings. You can also rotate, move up and down, and pan around to look at different parts of the object on the map. The best programs also allow you to create & add new layers so that they can be combined together to create large projects, such as adding transit lines, amenities, and travel times.

3D maps for real estate are created by 3D mapping software. As mentioned above, 3D maps can be used for exploration, but they can also serve as a visualization tool for anything related to the real estate industry. For example, they can be used to show upcoming listings and their location and size on a map of your city. They can also be used to show the topographical layout of a property and its surroundings.

Some of the most important applications in real estate are for sale visualization and property analysis. We have already talked about how 3D maps can be used to show listings on a map but the same models can be used to study historical trends of transactions, for site selection, and client pitches.

Property analysis is another big application for 3D maps. Imagine being able to ask a program which buildings in the city have the most vacancy compared to the rest of the market, and the map instantly updates with an intuitive HeatMap. These applications and more are all powered through 3D mapping technology.

3D maps are quickly becoming synonymous with the real estate industry, and companies like KnoGeo are using this exciting technology to innovate how property markets are explored and understood.



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