What is a 3D Building?

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2 min readAug 31, 2021


A 3D building is a computer-generated representation of a property or structure. It can be created to envision the site during its construction phase, as if it had already been built, or to showcase pre-existing buildings. In all cases, the program uses three dimensions in order to create real estate renderings that can be used for marketing and promotional purposes.

3D buildings are important for real estate because they show what a property or neighbourhood looks like online. This way, potential buyers or leasers can get a better idea of a potential location without actually going physically visiting the area.

An example of a 3D building in Toronto

They are also useful for architects and designers who are working on construction projects. These blueprints can be used to visualize upcoming properties for leasing efforts or to show how a changing city skyline will impact an area.

From a real estate data perspective, 3D buildings also help to make information easier to understand. A 2D icon on a map can only show limited data, while a 3D building allows for floor and unit level analysis (like showing which floors are available for lease).

3D buildings allow for multiple floors to be highlighted at the same time

This improvement vs. 2D icons makes 3D buildings very valuable for commercial and residential real estate brokerages. 3D buildings and 3D maps are exciting presentation tools for the real estate industry. Brokers, researchers, and marketers are able to show their clients locations in 3D, helping to shorten their sales cycles and sell better.

3D buildings are also being used to help urban planners design cities with better traffic flows, more efficient access points and more sources of public transportation. This way, urban planners can give citizens a better idea of how their city will look like in the future.

3D buildings are quickly becoming synonymous with the real estate industry, and companies like KnoGeo are using this exciting technology to innovate how property markets are explored and understood.



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