KnoGeo Launches 3D Mobile App for Office and Home Search

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5 min readMay 17, 2022


KnoGeo has had one main mission since our founding…to make real estate markets easier to understand so people can make the right decisions faster. Our patented 3D data visualization technology has been used by commercial brokerages to:

  • Lead insightful client pitches
  • Demonstrate market intelligence
  • Create research and marketing reports on the latest market data
  • Communicate trends and analysis in an easy to understand format

Our flagship tool, 3DCRE, is used by commercial brokerages in some of the most competitive real estate markets, from Manhattan to LA to Toronto.

However, we often hear a similar question from current and new users alike…. “Can we get the technology in a mobile app?”

Announcing List3d

KnoGeo is excited to announce the first mobile app version of our technology, affectionately called “List3d”. This app brings the best of our location and data mapping technology and combines it with a mobile-friendly experience, so brokers and clients alike can use the tool to find their next home or office.

The technology is real estate agnostic — it can be used to show rentals, homes, offices, investment properties, and more.

The app can also be white-labelled for our users, so if you are looking for a “Colliers Office Search” application or to add 3D mapping to your listing site, then look no further.

How Can List3d Help?

Whether you are buying a home or leasing an office, the search experience is one of the most important (and stressful!) experiences people go through — after all, what’s more important than finding the right place for your life or business? Real estate is the biggest expense for almost everyone’s budget, so it’s only natural that people like to shop around and feel comfortable knowing they have explored all the market has to offer.

Over time, like most things, the real estate search process for consumers has moved almost exclusively online. Over 95% of consumers now start their search on the internet.

This move to online search has experienced a shift of its own. While most people used to use their desktop computers to visit property websites, this has dramatically changed as mobile phones become consumers go-to for accessing the internet. Just 5 years ago, about 40% of searches were happening on phones. Today, that number is almost 90%! Desktop sites and web browsers are dead….mobile is the future.

Unfortunately, listing & brokerage sites have not adapted. Some have scrapped together apps that barely work, but the majority of sites still expect their users to go to the regular site on mobile, and these web pages are clunky or downright unusable on a mobile phone.

This shift obviously has a huge impact for renters, buyers, sellers and owners alike. Renters and buyers will flock to mobile sites that are smooth and feature-rich, and owners and landlords will need to ensure their listings are being featured where everyone is looking.

Perhaps one of the most interesting elements of this shift is that people now find online websites more useful sources of information than real estate agents!! Self-directed research into the market and availabilities now outpaces peoples’ view of professionals themselves.

You’ll notice in the above chart that while mobile search is almost comparable to an agent, it still lags behind online website search on a desktop.

This is what we aim to change at KnoGeo.

Existing mobile apps and sites have shortchanged themselves and their users…they think “smaller device = less information and features”. We want to turn that on its head.

Mobile has a lot of advantages over desktop — better graphics cards, smoother actions, and the opportunity for improved user experiences.

Almost every person now has a supercomputer in their pocket, and it’s where 90%+ of real estate searches already start…so let’s build a better experience so people can find the perfect office or home faster.

V1 examples of the List3d app

  • Design for mobile: List3d is thoughtfully designed and developed for the next generation of mobile users
  • Have the best data: By building a better tool that attracts more users and developing a simpler process for adding listings, users will trust you are the most robust resource for availabilities
  • Use 3D Maps: We understand our world in 3D, and mobile phones make using 3D maps much easier than on a desktop. By leveraging this, we can make exploring areas, especially cities with high rises, way more intuitive.
  • Make location a bigger part of the story: Every site lets you see price, pictures, and square footage. But they all lack a more holistic understanding of an area…things like access to transit, amenities, parks, restaurants, and walk times. We will make this discoverable on your phone, saving you loads of time on site visits and helping you better understand a location online.
  • Make 3D Tours ubiquitous: Did you know your phone can probably make a 3D tour like this? Most new models can in less than 10 minutes. By educating our sellers and owners, we will make these ubiquitous for all listings.

Please join us as we try to revolutionize how people find their next office or home! We welcome any feedback, advice, or specific requests to solve the pains of the search process. Subscribe to our blog here or reach out directly at



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KnoGeo builds 3D data visualization technology to revolutionize how real estate is explored, discovered, and understood